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Ruben Robinson
Ruben Robinson.jpg
Basic Facts
Occupation LAPD Police Detective
Rank Detective Trainee
Division Robbery Homicide Division
Portrayed By
Dorian Missick

Ruben Robinson is a fictional character in SouthLAnd. He is played by guest star Dorian Missick. Robinson is a trainee detective in the Robbery Homicide Division. He is married and his wife is unhappy about his hours and pay.


Ruben Robinson was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Robinson later joined the Marines and did two tours in Afghanistan. Robinson later joined the LAPD. He is married to Angie and they have three children. Their eldest daughter is named Gabriella and was born in 1997.

Police Career[]

Robinson was made detective and joined the Robbery/Homicide Division with Lydia Adams (her fifth partner). Robinson wants her to lead since he believes she is more wise and experienced. He is a detective trainee. It was said in a behind the scenes clip that he is very cut-and-dry about right-and-wrong.

Season Four[]

Robinson is Detective Lydia Adams's newest partner in the Robbery/Homicide Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. He is first seen in the season four peirmere where Lydia was trying to rebutt an old snitch's request for assistance when she says people want to killer her.

He is next seen in "Underwater" where in the episode Lydia and Ruben investigate two murders. The first is the hit-and-run of a woman whose family is rich and cheered when they learned she died. They next investigate the murder of a man shot dead in a convenience store. The man was responsible for a rape that landed an innocent man in prison for 22 years. Lydia tricks the grandmother so they can take the suspect's clothes so they can test for gunshot residue or blood on sneakers which is not uncommon. Ruben feels uneasy arresting the man since he thinks the man went through enough.

He is next seen with Lydia investigating the murder of a woman who had an immoral pratices and buisnesses which hurt her own Latino community. This enraged a man so much that he claimed "That bitch took everything off my father's back. So I took everything off her's" meaning he killed her. He also pratices for his daughter Gabriella's quincierra.

He is also seen investigating a home invasion covered up for murder, the death of a nanny and the disapperance of the kids in her care, and the murder of a gang-member whose tagging may have been the motive for his homicide.

Also he is seen again investigating a home invasion covered up for murder and later arrests a woman who kills either her husband or boyfriend for her baby (she is pregnant).


Season four appearances
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