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Jon Paré
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Personal data
Name Jon Paré
Position Producer
IMDB profile: 0664176

Jon Paré is an American television producer. He is the episodic producer on Southland.


Early life[]

Paré studied at the USC School of Cinema from 1973 to 1977.

Earlier career[]

He began his television career in 1979 as an assistant director. He worked on the series ABC Afterschool Specials, Wonder Woman, The A-Team, Something Is Out There, Ohara, Johnny Ryan, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Hardball and Werewolf. In 1993 he joined the crew of Beverley Hills, 90210 as a unit production manager. In 1999 he joined the crew of Charmed as a unit production manager. He became a producer for the show in 1999 and remained in this role until 2006.

In 2006 he was unit production manager for Standoff. In 2008 he was unit production manager and producer for The Middleman.


In 2009 he joined the crew of Southland as the episodic producer for the first season. He remained in this role for the second, third and fourth seasons.

During Southland[]

In 2009 he was a unit production manager and co-producer on the seventh season of 24. In 2010 he joined the crew of Sons of Anarchy as a producer for the third season. He returned as a producer for the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy in 2011.

Personal life[]

He lives in Westlake Village with his children Kimberly, Jacqueline and Jonathan Jr.

Southland credits[]

Produced by[]

Season one credits
Unknown Trouble Mozambique See the Woman Sally in the Alley
Two Gangs Westside Derailed
Season two credits
Phase Three Butch & Sundance U-Boat
The Runner What Makes Sammy Run? Maximum Deployment
Season three credits
Let It Snow Punching Water Discretion Code 4 The Winds
Cop or Not Sideways Fixing a Hole Failure Drill Graduation Day
Season four credits
Wednesday Underwater Community Identity Legagy
Integrity Check Fallout Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10