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Jessica Tang
Basic Facts
Occupation LAPD Police Detective
Rank Police Officer III / Sergeant I (season 4)
Division Hollywood Division
Portrayed By
Lucy Liu

Jessica Tang, played by special guest star Lucy Liu, is a character in the fourth season of Southland. Tang is a patrol officer in the Hollywood Division. She is partnered with John Cooper when he returns from back surgery.


Tang is charged with assessing John's fitness to return to patrol, as he has returned on a probationary basis. She applies for a sergeant position while the two are partnered together. Tang and Cooper's relationship becomes strained when Tang shoots a teenager holding a toy gun. The boy, who wasn't killed, claims the gun had the orange safety tip on the end of the barrel; it is suspected that Tang had removed the tip after shooting him. John has his suspicions, and while he couldn't prove Tang had removed the tip anyway, told the investigating inquiry that Tang had done nothing wrong.

Tang receives the promotion, but by this time her interactions with John are increasingly awkward. It becomes clear that Tang also suspects that John was in rehab for prescription-drug abuse, not a back injury as he claimed. Finally when she leaves the division she throws the orange tip at John, daring him to turn her in. John does not turn her in, and is later shown carrying the tip on a keychain.


Season four appearances
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