Glenn Plummer
Personal data
Name Glenn Plummer
Birth Date August 18, 1961
Birth Place Richmond, California, USA
Character Darryl D. Miller
Glenn Plummer is an American screen actor. He guest stars as Darryl D. Miller in the fourth season Southland episode "Underwater".


He has appeared in numerous films and television series, primarily in supporting roles. He played drug dealer Clarence 'High Top' Brown in the 1988 Los Angeles set police drama film Colors. In 1992 he starred as reformed drug dealer Bobby Johnson in the Los Angeles set crime film South Central. In 1993 he had a supporting role in the crime drama Menace II Society. In 1994 he reprised his role as Bobby Johnson in the television version of South Central. Also in 1994 he had a supporting role in the first season of medical drama ER as Emergency Room desk clerk Timmy Rawlins. He has appeared in the films Speed, Bones, Showgirls, The Day After Tomorrow, The Salton Sea and Saw II. He was offered the role of Jesse in Riding the Bus with My Sister. In 2000 he played recovering drug addict George 'Blue' Epps in the Emmy Award winning HBO miniseries The Corner. In 2007 he reprised his role as Emergency Room desk clerk Timmy Rawlinsin the thirteenth season of ER. In 2008 he began a recurring role on the FX crime drama Sons of Anarchy as Sheriff Vic Trammel.

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