Danny Velasquez
Basic Facts
Age Unknown
Family Ray Velasquez (father)
Enemies Maria Maguerra (murder victim)
Hobbies Narcotics use
Portrayed By
Vinicius Machado
Danny Velasquez, played by guest star Vinicius Machado, is a character in the SouthLAnd fourth season episode "Community". He is a homeless drug addict. His father Ray Velasquez was the victim of unscrupulous financial adviser Maria Maguerra and has lost his house. Danny murders Maria and steals her jewellery and the shirt from her back in revenge for what she did to his father. He is caught and arrested by Detectives Lydia Adams and Ruben Robinson and confesses to the crime.



Season four appearances
Wednesday Underwater Community Identity
Legacy Integrity Check Fallout Episode 8
Episode 9 Episode 10
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