Danny Ferguson
Basic Facts
Occupation LAPD Police Officer
Rank Police Officer III
Division Alvarado Division
Portrayed By
Lou Diamond Phillips

Danny Ferguson, played by co-star Lou Diamond Phillips, is a supporting character in "Wednesday". He is a patrol officer in the Hollywood Division. Ferguson is a long serving officer in the department and has a jaded view of his role. He clashes with idealistic younger officer Ben Sherman over his attitude. Ferguson displays heroism when his station is attacked by a gunman, distracting the gunman by throwing a waste basket and charging at him. Ferguson is shot and wounded but gives his fellow officers the window they need to shoot the gunman. Ferguson is hit in the neck and jaw but is expected to survive.

In "Thursday," Ferguson partners with Sherman while Bryant is in the hospital after a car accident.


Season four appearances
Wednesday Underwater Community Identity
Legacy Integrity Check Fallout Episode 8
Episode 9 Episode 10