Daniel Salinger
Daniel Salinger.jpg
Basic Facts
Age 45
Occupation Police Detective
Rank Detective III
Division Gang and Narcotics Division
Spouse Susan Salinger
Lovers Mia Sanchez
Family Susan (wife)
Kim (daughter)
Portrayed By
Michael McGrady

Biography[edit | edit source]

Daniel "Sal" Salinger is a senior gang detective with the LAPD who oversees a unit made up of four other detectives including Sammy Bryant and Nate Moretta. He's neighbors with Russell Clarke, a homicide detective. In Seasons 1-2 he's having an affair with an LA-area reporter until his daughter exposes the affair to his wife Susan after they were celebrating her promotion to Captain.

Southland[edit | edit source]

Daniel Salinger is a Detective with the Los Angeles Police Department's Gang and Narcotics Division.

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