Billy "Dewey" Dudek
Bill Dudek
Basic Facts
Age early 50s
Occupation LAPD Police Officer
Rank Police Officer III
Division Hollywood Division
Spouse ex-wife
Family Rae Ann (daughter)
Portrayed By
C. Thomas Howell

Officer Bill "Dewey" Dudek is a veteran of the LAPD with the rank of Police Officer III in the Hollywood Division. Throughout the early seasons, Dewey struggled with alcoholism. He was put on administrative leave when his partner Officer Chickie Brown tried to turn him in; Dewey responded negatively towards Chickie's intention so he drove the squad car into the Los Angeles River doing donuts and driving recklessly. As a result, he was sent to a rehabilitation center but has since resumed his career as a police officer. He is characterized as being out of control, foul mouth, eccentric, and quite humorous.

In the later seasons without Chickie as his partner, Dewey has continued his goofy behaviors around fellow officers. For example, in a traffic stop of a van overcrowded by mariachi singers, he asked them to perform his favorite song "Cielito Lindo", much to the annoyance of Officer John Cooper. Another time where Dewey has exhibited similar behaviors was when he expressed his like for overweight women at an adult XXX shop, stating that "fat chicks are awesome, they're just like mopeds. They're fun to ride until you're caught on one". Dewey seemingly does just enough to stay on the force-- his colleagues do not see him nearly as effective on the job anymore but he does make an effort to not cross the line.

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