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'Day Day' Crawford
Basic Facts
Age Unknown
Occupation Gang leader
Enemies Sammy Bryant (LAPD officer)
Portrayed By
Dohn Norwood

'Day Day' Crawford, played by guest star Dohn Norwood, is a character in the SouthLAnd fourth season episode "Community". He is the leader of the "2 Tray" gang and is rumoured to rape the girlfriends of his fellow gang members. He once sodomised a teenaged neighbour with a garden hose for refusing to join the gang. This started a feud with rival gang the "64 Hustlers" because the boy was related to one of their members. The crime was not reported because his neighbours fear him but Sammy Bryant knows the story. Bryant has been targeting Crawford since and has drawn harassment complaints from Crawford as a result. Bryant has also tried to convince Drea, the mother of Crawford's son as an informant to no avail.

On "Hood Day" Crawford celebrates at a skating rink with his gang. Bryant and Ben Sherman are initially assigned to watch the location but leave the post to handle calls. A drive by shooting is attempted by the Hustlers and several gange members are killed. Bryant and Sherman go to Crawford's home to arrest him but he flees. Bryant catches 'Day Day' while Sherman pursues the another suspect into an ally. Bryant leaves 'Day Day' handcuffed to a telegraph pole to allow him to pursue and assist Sherman. They lose the other suspect and when they return 'Day Day' has been beaten and stabbed to death by his neighbours.



Season four appearances
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